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UNION SPECIAL 53100 Zig Zag Chainstitch 1-Needle 2-Thread Top Roller Feed

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UNION SPECIAL 53100 Zig Zag Chainstitch 1-Needle 2-Thread Top Roller Feed

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UNION SPECIAL 53100B, 1-Needle, 2-Thread, Zig-Zag, Chainstitch Machine, Top Roller Feed, Self Oiler, Waistband Attachment, Industrial Sewing Machine, Machine (Head) only, Heavy Duty, High speed. Made in USA

STYLES 53100B and 53100C are single-needle, two-thread, flatbed, zigzag stitch machines with plain feed for attaching pre-made waistband linings to tops and waistbands of trousers, skirts, and slacks. The presser foot is designed with a guide on its left side for guiding the top ply of the waistband lining under the center of the needle hole.

Some features of these machines:

• A clutch-driven upper roller helps produce a flatter seam
• A lightweight presser bar and needle bar driving mechanism allow fast acceleration and high-speed operation
• Needle zigzag is adjustable from a straight line to 1/8" (3.2mm)
• The needle bar drive mechanism is fully enclosed within the machine head, and driven from a cam enclosed in an oil bath
• An automatic, filtered lubrication system

STYLE 53100 B is fitted with a folder designed to lead the lining in from the right; waistband lining comes from a roll. The folder is adjustable for 1¼" (31.8mm) to 4" (101.6mm) prepared waistband lining and is adjustable to obtain a 1/8 (3.2mm) to ¾"(19.0mm) heading on the canvas to the left of the needle. The folder will handle plain waistbands or gripper type having rows of braided rubber.

(For complete unit with table and motor add $350.00 plus additional cost for crating and shipping)

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