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U.S. Blind Stitch 1118-1 Industrial Sewing Machine

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U.S. Blind Stitch 1118-1 Industrial Sewing Machine

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U.S. Blind Stitch 1118-1, Blind Hemming, High Speed, Heavy Duty, Industrial Sewing Machine,

Made in the USA

Complete unit with Table and motor 110V. Delivered anywhere within the continental USA.

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U.S. MODEL 1118 For DRESS TROUSERS features yielding rib. This modern chain stitch machine is extremely simple to operate. The stitch has far greater elasticity – will never break; gives fine smooth finish to waistband, stitches over pockets without penetrating or skipping a stitch.

U.S. MODEL 1118 For slacks and trousers of light to medium weight knits and woven material.

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